Fire Detection Alarm Systems are designed to prevent and fight in case of emergency. It is already part of our everyday routine where the systems are installed in every properties to alert and protect us and our properties against of emergency fire.

FDAS classifications includes Conventional Fire Alarm & Addressable Analogue Fire Alarm System with its key component devices such as smoke & heat detector, fire alarm bell, call points, sounder strobe, modules & bases and firefighting telephone system control panel.

Services We Offer





Fire Alarm System Solutions

Experienced the top quality fire detection alarm systems brand and the largest independent manufacturer in the world. »

Extinguisher & Fire Suppression

Make things always safe with the extinguisher & fire suppression system. Consult with us to assist your enquiry.»

Fireman Telephone Systems and Voice Evacuation

Axis AX is a complete system of high performance fire control panels, audio systems, command centers and high performance devices. »

Fire Pumps and Fire Cabinet System

Fire Pump's built as per international standards and certified by UL and FM to provide optimum safety. Provides customized fire cabinets to store hose reel, foam and water extinguishers. »