Smoke Detector Tester

Fire Alarm Philippines distributes high quality products of smoke detector tester from its trusted supplier. SOLO 365, SmokeSabre and Testifire are one of the leading products of smoke detector testers.

Solo is the industry’s most popular range of detector test equipment. Used by thousands of fire system maintenance companies and individuals worldwide to ensure smoke, heat and CO detectors are fit for purpose, ready to activate in the event of a fire.

SmokeSabre is the fire industry’s leading hand-held smoke aerosol. Its unique design prevents use too close to the detector which eliminates the risk of residue – keeping the detector safe whilst enabling fast testing and preventing re-alarms.

Testifire allows for simple, compliant functional testing of fire detectors. Suitable for smoke, heat and CO testing it increases productivity on site and is the world’s leading solution for compliant testing of multi-sensor detectors.